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Yelow Tea

Old News

Fall/Winter Flavours are coming! Cranberry, Chai, and Vanilla to keep you warm through the chilly months. Also, expect new inventory all around--big update! WE'RE BACK, BABY!!

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Our Mission

We here at Peak make it our mission to bring you the highest standards for health and wellness whilst staying on top of flavour trends. In fact, it's so important to us, that we made it our official mission statement. That means taking the time to seek out the best producers, crunching the numbers, enduring late nights, because the best products are worth just that. We know that for many caffeine is the unsung hero of many a triumph, from museum exhibits to corner offices, so to you, upon arrival at that destination of yours, and all points in between when you need to be at your peak, a tip of the cap from the fleet at Peak.

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